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Before you even start the home search, research is key. There are a few areas that you should look closely at in every home that youíre touring in order to make an informed decision about each property and your future in it. 

Check The Foundation

When youíre walking around the home, note creaky floors, cracks in the walls, and water drainage issues. Maybe you wonít even be able to see if the foundation has any cracks in it or not with your own two eyes. A certified home inspector will, however, be able to tell you what is happening on the property. Cracks in the foundation or major foundational damage can be incredibly costly to you as a homeowner. Youíre going to want to know about these issues ahead of time. 

Do Some Investigating

Taking a walk around your desired neighborhood can give you a lot of valuable information. You may be able to talk to neighbors who will give you a bit of information about a property. Even wandering around the neighborhood or attending yard sales can help you to see whatís going on, if you can see yourself living there, and if there are any major issues that you should be aware of. 

Be Likable

Sellers prefer to sell a home to a buyer who they like. if you see that you have something in common with the seller like the fact that youíre both veterans, you should send a letter along with your offer to let the seller know your connection. Itís also helpful to send an offer letter that lets the seller know how much you love the house and that you can see yourself living in the home. It never hurts to add a personal touch to a home offer.  

Keep Your Options Open

Just because a home doesnít consist of the modern decor you picture yourself living in, doesnít mean it canít be changed. If a home happens to be older with less present-day decor in it, be sure to keep an open mind as to the potential that the home has for you.

Make A Strategic Offer

We know that prices that end in 9 are a bit more attractive to the psyche than prices that end in a flat zero. If the asking price for a home is $310,000, you may be tempted to offer $320,000 to shell out the competition, but you may be better off offering an odd number like $312,000. Sometimes a small difference makes a big impact in the eyes of the buyer. Work with your realtor to see if a home youíre interested in has any other offers. Your agent can help you to find a good price point for your offer as well.

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Lot 191 Old Westminster Rd, Hubbardston, MA 01452



Land Type
Are you looking for a beautiful country road to build your dream home on? Recently Perked!! Come see this 10-acre lot with natural stone walls. Mostly wooded lot with a partially cleared area in the front. Located approximately 10 minutes from routes 2 & 140 would make this a great commuter location!
Open House
No scheduled Open Houses

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This Multi-Family in Winchendon, MA recently sold for $211,000. This style home was sold by - Liberty Real Estate.

1176 A/B Alger Street, Winchendon, MA 01475


Sale Price

Approx. GLA
Nice looking log home in a countryside setting, combines a good floor plan with attractive features. Large front porch and a deck off the kitchen provide for interior/exterior flow for entertaining. Bedrooms have beamed cathedral ceilings, and small lofts. One unit has two full baths, including low threshold shower. Live in one side, and rental income from the other side helps you out. Large shed for storage.

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In recent years, the number of employees who work from home, at least some of the time, has increased to about 25 percent. This trend shows that companies are warming up to the idea of letting their employees work wherever theyíre comfortable, and that a growing number of people are working on a freelance or contract basis.

Working from home, despite its many advantages, does pose some obstacles to productivity. Thus, time management and daily task setting are key to being as productive or more productive than you would be at the office.

In todayís article, weíre going to help you learn how to become more productive when you work from home so that you can meet your daily numbers while still enjoying the perks of working remotely.

Time management

One of the most difficult aspects of working from home is sticking to a schedule throughout the day. The home poses several distractions--kids, pets, TV, the refrigerator. Aside from the distraction factor, itís easy to procrastinate when you donít have a boss lurking around. There are several measures you can take while working at home to counter these factors.

First, make sure you set some ground rules for yourself and your family while working from home. Make sure everyone knows your work hours, including yourself. Stick to those hours by creating a daily routine. Everyone is different when it comes to keeping a planner.

Some people keep a simple task list in a notebook, while others create intricate planners that are color-coded and rife with stickers and reminders. Regardless of your method, make sure you have a physical reminder in front of you during the day that reminds you what you should be doing.

Routine is key to managing your time. While there will always be things that come up that we donít plan for, having a foundation for your day is vital. Starting each day the same way is a good way to help yourself stick to your schedule. Some people go for a walk each morning, while others dive right into their work. Whichever you choose, make sure you do it consistently.

Creating a productive environment

Try to work in an office or spare room away from kids or pets and let your family know that you need to focus when youíre there.

If possible, set your phone to silent or ďdo not disturbĒ mode. Remove any distractions from the room that will tempt you to procrastinate. Things like the TV and snacks can easily steal your attention.

However, in this day of social media, itís equally important to make sure you avoid procrastinating online as well. If you find yourself subconsciously navigating to Facebook or Reddit, try setting up an extension on your browser that limits your time on those sites to 10 minutes per day to help you stay on track.

A productive environment doesnít have to be a barren one. Choose decorations and paint colors that work for you. Youíll want to feel comfortable in your work environment, and one of the perks of working from home is being able to customize any way that you like.

Finally, remember to take breaks. Many people who are able to work from home have a tendency to put work off until the last minute and then work feverishly to get everything done.

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This Single-Family in Templeton, MA recently sold for $211,000. This Colonial style home was sold by - Liberty Real Estate.

11 Columbus Ave, Templeton, MA 01468


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
Country style 3 bedroom home w/ detached 2 car garage. Recently renovated kitchen with granite counter tops, custom built Superior Kitchen Cabinets, tile flooring, and all new stainless steel appliances. Cozy family room off kitchen w/ hardwood floors & woodstove, separate living room, laundry room, and renovated large bathroom with jetted tub, 5 ft. shower with duel shower heads, & radiant heat complete the first floor. Second floor boasts master bedroom w/ 1/2 bathroom, 2 more good sized bedrooms, and an extra room that could be used as 4th bedroom, office, or converted over to another bathroom!

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